Andrew Hatherley

I understand the fear and uncertainty many of you are feeling. I went through my own divorce several years ago. I know that the extreme emotions that come with divorce can lead to damaging financial mistakes, both in the short and long term. Having learned the hard way, I am determined to help others avoid some of the pitfalls that can make divorce such a difficult process.

That’s why I founded Wiser Divorce Solutions and earned the designation Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, CDFA®. That’s also why I have trained as a Collaborative Divorce professional and undergone extensive training in Divorce Mediation. And that’s why I brought the Second Saturday Divorce Workshop to Las Vegas.

My divorce was a horrible experience. I felt that I had aged ten years in the nine months it took to resolve. It was an emotional time, which wasn’t helped by the large checks I was writing to two divorce attorneys. The frustrating thing was that my ex-wife and I were sensible, rational adults yet we allowed ourselves to get sucked into the emotional whirlpool of divorce.

They say that the criminal justice system sees bad people acting on their best behavior but divorce sees good people behaving at their worst. How can you avoid this in your divorce? I’m not saying it’s easy. The “Divorce System” in this country doesn’t do a good job of educating us about the alternatives to litigation. In fact, some attorneys (not all) may have a financial incentive to string along the process.

Sometimes litigation is unavoidable. If you find that you cannot resolve your differences with your partner and decide to work with an attorney, I can work with your counsel as a financial specialist, helping you both understand the financial options that may be available to you.

A little bit about me. I grew up in England and Canada and have lived in Las Vegas since 1999. I earned my MBA at McGill University in Montreal and ESADE in Barcelona. My undergraduate major is in History, specializing in Latin America (my Spanish is pretty good although I’m a little out of practice). In the early nineties, I lived and worked in Mexico City before moving to New York and Texas and then, Las Vegas. I like to play tennis, travel, read and write. Last year I wrote my first novel and look forward to writing my second!